JU Geography fair

Published Date: Wednesday, 2 March, 2016 | By: Hasanuzzamil Mahedi

To raise the awareness to protect the environment among the mass- population, department of Geography and Environment of Jahangirnagar Univeversity recently organised a amaging fair named 'Geography fair-15'. in which students of Geography and Environment (G&E) dept.

exhibit some variety of geography and environmental models in Bangladesh perspective. Students of different academic sessions displayed a total of 10 models of preserving geography and environment. Among them the Sundarban model, Ocean model, Mountain model, JU model etc were more significant. Students from another departments visited the geography fair, the members of modeling group described them about their model. Teachers of the department and guests from another universities also visit the fair.

Prof Sajed Asraf Karim, chairperson of the department, said, ‘Our students organize this fair every year to raise mass-awareness despite lack of logistics support. I hope this fair will be continued in future.

Students are very happy attending this fair. Mentionable, Geography department organizing such kind of fair every year from 2012.