Take tour of the Panam city

Published Date: Sunday, 6 March, 2016 | By: Sakia Haque
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Feeling like travelling somewhere near Dhaka? Panam city is the best option for you.

Panam-the lost city is a miracle itself. Considered as the Havana of the west, it is standing there since the 15th century.The breathtaking designs and ancient architectures will make you feel like you are already in the past, a person of those centuries.

Not only the Panam has numerous buildings with different designs and terracottas, but also it beholds Poncho-pirer majar (shrine), temple, wells and many other buildings dated back 400 years.

Panam, also known as the city of Isa Khan, was famous back then for cotton textile industry and business. The famous ‘Muslin’ was exported through the Shitalakhya river lying on the west. The city is surrounded by a lake named ‘Ponkhiraj’ which meets up the river Meghna in the east.

A road, 600m in length and 5m in width, crosses the city and divides it in half. The north contains 31 and the south has 21 buildings amounting it upto 52 buildings, and all very beautifully designed.You are bound to get mesmerized by looking at them.

Most of the buildings have ‘Risky’ signboard tagged, but you can actually go to few of the very first buildings. There is a huge hallroom, the ceilings and the pillars beautifully decorated and which was used as a ballroom once.Quite impressive, if you look closely.

How to go:

You can take ‘sopnil’, ‘Doyel’, ‘Borak’ from Gulistan.The bus fare may be 45-65 tk depending on the bus you take. After reaching Mograpara, take a rickshaw for panam city, it might charge 15-20 taka.

You can also visit the Sonargaon museum nearby, only around a half kilometer away.

But, if you are up for some sightseeing, don’t miss the chance to visit the mesmerizing Panam city.